I love traditional animation, therefore most my work consist of frame by frame 2d animation and stop motion. I’m not afraid to use mix medias as long as the end result looks nothing but incredible. My favorite programs to use are Animate, After Effect and Stop Motion dragon.

Here is a sample of my animation work followed by a couple makings of, to see more videos just click on the link above and explore my Vimeo account. Or visit Faceless Neil’s website.

Animation Reel
Love at War teaser, making of
Out of the Darkness making of, time lapse

What I Do:

From coming up with a story to designing characters, I specialize in bringing your visions and mines to life through  traditional animation which has a unique look and demands a very specific set of skills.

All inquiries please contact


While my favorite medium is watercolor, I can easily switch to digital painting. Here is a sample of my character oriented illustration work.

Concept Art

I love writing stories, as a part of it I have to come with visual concepts to support the writing. Here is a sample from some projects I’ve been developing.

character Design

Over the years I had to create and come up with loving characters for short films, commercials and feature development.