I love traditional animation, therefore most my work consist of frame by frame 2d animation and stop motion. I’m not afraid to use mix medias as long as the end result looks nothing but incredible. My favorite programs to use are Animate, After Effect and Stop Motion dragon.

Here is a sample of my animation work, to see more videos just click on the link above and explore my Vimeo account. Or visit Faceless Neil’s website.

Here’s my REEL compiling my best work.

I’ve been working for Viacom since October 2016, this was my first job with them.

The Sea is Blue is a short film directed by Vincent Peoney on which I was the lead stop motion animator in 2015.

JAMES to my surprise directed by Kris Merc (2015). I had the pleasure to help on some of the cell animation on that one. Look for the dog and cat!

This is a teaser from my project Faceless Neil. More on



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