Noella Borie – French Bonne à Tout faire Artiste, officially becoming a New Yorker

All inquiries contact: noellabdavid@gmail.com

What I can do for you:

_  Writing a great character driven story (including screenplay): YES

_ Storyboard your film, commercial, music video, crazy idea: YES

_ Concept Art for your every need: NO SH*T I CAN! YES.

_ Illustration for your every need: YES THATS WHAT I WAS TRAINED FOR.

_ Comics/Graphic Novels: BIG YES

_Character Design: SUPER MEGA BIG YES

_ Animating traditionally with paper and pencil OR with motion graphics: YOU BETCHA!

_Animate stop motion, with puppet or your clothes: DAMN RIGHT.

_Building sets and puppets for stop motion films: YOU DARE ME? YES.

_ Post production Special Effect in photoshop: HELL YEAH!

_Film Editing in AE or Premiere: THAT’S CUPCAKE!

_Producing, directing, getting people to do stuff: THAT’S MY MIDDLE NAME.

_Coloring: YES

_Planning: YES

_ Take Photos and Videos: I LOVE IT, check my Vimeos for some fun live action samples.

ellieBottom line, I can do a lot of things…


Current rates:

$400 per day working on most anything. And that’s a bargain!

$600 for stop motion animation (per day on set).